A great way to add a new level of excitement to your party or event is to hold a Blackjack Tournament! This adds excitement to your event because you can now have a build up towards the end of the night A final “shoot out” among the top winners!

Blackjack Tournaments work like this: Every player is assigned to a table (or alternatively scheduled a time to play at one of the BJ tables at your party) and every player will begin with the same bankroll. Players will play blackjack over a specified period of time (or number of hands) and at the end, the player with the most amount of money is declared the table winner. Table winners then compete against each other until you end up with 6 (or 7) finalists, who compete for the top prize at the end of your party.

What makes Blackjack Tournaments exciting & fun is the competition amongst fellow players. Unlike traditional blackjack where its you against the dealer, in tournament play its player against player.

There are two types of tournament formats, elimination and non-elimination. In the elimination format ,players compete against each other at each table, with the player (or in some cases top two players) who has the most money advancing. The other table players are eliminated from the competition (hence the name elimination format). In a non-elimination tournament, players compete against all the other tournament players with the goal of trying to win the most money after several rounds. In this format, no players are eliminated. Of the two formats, the elimination tournaments are more popular.

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